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Registration is Ongoing....

                                                 $30 registration fee per gymnast - good from Sept 1- Aug 31


  On-line registration is fairly easy - just follow the prompts - However, if you run into trouble here's a list of How to register online!

1.  Click on 'Create an Account' by entering your email address.  

2.  Go to your email to get the verification number and enter.

3.  Enter your information to 'create your account'

4.  Acknowlege that you have read, agree to and understand our Policies, Procedures, Waivers and Billing

5.  Add your child's information

6.  Enroll your child in the appropriate age class that best fits your schedule, then you can click on Enrollment Type to either actively enroll your child, set up a one time free trial class, request a make up class or place you child on a wait list for a full class.  Actively enrolling will require credit card payment, however trial class, make up classes and wait lists will charge you a $0.00 amount!

7.  Add to cart.  The $30 yearly registration fee will automatically be added to your cart, and the session fee will automatically be pro-rated if you are starting mid-session.

8.  Proceed to checkout and enter your credit card information.

9.  Make payment.

10.  Preview account and payment and submit!!

Click here to Register Online:

SGA 18-19