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Preschool gymnastics classes

Watch your child build strength, flexibility, and confidence while learning balance, agility, body awareness and coordination in a fun and safe environment.

Itsy Bitsy Flippy's

Your tiny athletes will amaze you as they build strength, coordination, and self-confidence by climbing, crawling, swimging, and jumping their way through various obstacle courses. They will begin learning handstands, cartwheel concepts, and many other basic gymnastics skills on all of the apparatus. With mom or dad there to assist, your young one will feel safe to try new things!

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“By the third class, my 4-year-old daughter was doing tuck and rolls on her own.”

- Suzz T.

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Ages 1 - 3

Independence and self-control are mastered here as these young athletes attend class without a parent. Use of stations and obstacle courses while incorporating gross motor and coordination skills helps keep this class moving! With the use of special mats, learning handstands and cartwheels are easy. Learning basic skills on all of the Olympic apparatus is incorporated into this program.

Ages 3 - 4


Lil' Flippers

-40 minutes

-$110 per 8 week session

-45 minutes

-$125 per 8 week session

-Class limited to 6 gymnasts per instructor

Your son or daughter will enjoy all that the Lil' Whippers have to offer, but in a more gymnastics skill-oriented environment with continued emphasis on fun, safety, and the mastery of gross motor and coordination skills.

Ages 5 - 6


Flipper Snappers

-60 minutes

-$145 per 8 week session

-Class limited to 6 gymnasts per instructor

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