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Grade school gymnastics classes

Watch your child build strength, flexibility, and confidence while learning balance, agility, body awareness and coordination in a fun and safe environment. Classes are for ages 6+ and have an 8:1 student to instructor ratio.

Girls Age 7-9

Create a solid foundation for basic gymnastic skills by developing the necessary strength, flexibility, and basic body positions

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Boys Age 7+

-Bars: upper body strength, basic bar skills

-Beam: balance and concentration, walks and small jumps on the lower beams

-Floor: mastering basic body positions, forward and backward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels

-Tumble tramp: body control and special awareness, basic jumps and jump series

-Vault: mastery of the run and jump

Basic Skills on all of the Men's Olympic Apparatus

Floor, Pommel, Rings, Vault, P-Bar, High Bar as well as the trampoline and Tumble Trak.

Introduce your child to more advanced gymnastic skills on all of our apparatus.

Girls Age 10+

-Bars: advanced skills on low and high bars (baby giants, flyaways)

-Beam: master basic skills on the high beam (handstands, cartwheels), advanced skills on the lower beams (backwalkovers, roundoffs)

-Floor: master front and back handsprings

-Vault: strong concept on the front handspring over the table trainer as well as the vault table

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